How to Solve Escan Monitoring Tray Error?

eScan antivirus keeps monitoring your computer to make it free from virus threat and other malicious files. The eScan Monitoring appears apparently as a tray that means it is observing the virus scanning activity and working for malware removal process.

When eScan works properly and run with the real-time scanning it shows the eScan icon monitoring tray error and signifies that everything is working properly but sometimes eScan monitoring Tray error comes means either it is disabled or not working due to technical reasons. Here we will tell you how to solve eScan monitoring tray error with step-by-step guidance.

Fix Escan Monitoring Tray Error

Steps to Fix eScan Monitor Not Loaded Error:

Step1: First try to resume eScan protection buy right clicking on the screen protection center icon and click on “Resume protection” and check if it gets enabled or not.

Step2: Now check the registration status of eScan whether it is activated or not using the license key. To check this, click on windows “Start button then on programs>eScan for windows>eScan registration.

Step3: Here you need to check computers/system’s date and time whether time and date is correct or not. If not then restart current one and restart the system again with right process.

Step4: At this step you need to check the latest eScan hotfix (espatch1.exe) is installed or not, if not then install the same with the help of antivirus expert and restart the system once again and check the status eScan whether it is showing on tray or not.

Step5: Here you need to browse to c:\program files\escan\log folder and open the file MONVIR.LOG in a notepad. And then scroll down at the end of that file to check for the error message/error code number showed for the recent date and then apply the solution as per the error code with the help of certified technicians.

If eScan antivirus monitor is disabled, you will see this error and there are multiple error codes can appear as per the actual problem with the eScan. If these steps not work to solve the eScan monitor not loaded error then dial eScan antivirus support phone number to get online help by certified technicians and enjoy the trouble-free eScan protection on your system.

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