How to Remove Webroot Secureanywhere Windows 10?

Webroot Secureanywhere is the antivirus used to protect your system against attacks and secure your data from outside world it can be virus attack or malware attack or may be any hacker. To remove Webroot is a simple task but you have to follow some basic step to delete the antivirus. Sometimes due to file modification change in path of the installed file or due to errors in the configuration of the antivirus you may not able to remove Webroot secureanywhere Windows 10 .

If you are trying to install Webroot antivirus on your system and not able to do so due to some errors you must need to know How to Install Webroot Antivirus on Windows PC. But if you are trying to uninstall Webroot and not able to remove Webroot Secureanywhere from your system you need to follow some basic steps listed by experts in the blog below to execute step by step all the methods to uninstall Webroot antivirus from your system.

uninstall webroot secureanywhere

STEPS To Uninstall Webroot Secureanywhere Windows 10:


Step1: Open Webroot Secureanywhere and navigate to settings option.

Step2: Choose basic configuration and check all the boxes and select display option.

Step3: Now press save all button and press start button.

Step4: Now select programs and navigate to Webroot Secureanywhere option.

Step5: Now click on tools and then press Uninstall Webroot option.


Step1: In search next to start button type command prompt and open the first option.

Step2: No win run box type below given command and press enter path may vary.

“C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe” –uninstall

Step3: Now a popup will be prompted and ask you whether you want to uninstall.

Step4: Press yes to uninstall and select complete uninstall option.

Call Webrooot Support Number +1-844-313-8282 to Remove Webroot Secureanywhere Windows 10

If you have followed all the methods listed in the blog and still the Webroot Secureanywhere is resides in the system you may contact Webroot support number. To get online instant assistance you need to call toll free +1-844-313-8282 to get instant support via connecting through remote sessions in USA and Canada round the clock.

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