How to Fix Vipre Fatal System Error Code 0x000000c4?

Vipre Fatal System Error 0x000000C4 is not a bug with Vipre antivirus software, even Microsoft has also verified this error and other well-known antivirus also discussed about this issue. Usually this error comes when you install Vipre antivirus on your computer and the Deadlock Detection feature in Driver Verifier is turned on.

Actually, this is not a bug, even other drivers hit this problem but probably a bug in that driver and must be fixed to remove Vipre antivirus Error 0x000000C4. To fix this error code you can find the right steps given below instructed by the antivirus experts. And you want to know how fix other error codes of Vipre antivirus you can read our Vipre support blogs.

Fix Vipre Fatal System Error Code 0x000000c4

Steps to Fix Vipre Antivirus Error 0x000000c4:

Step1: First of all click on Start button click Run, and then type verifier.

Step2: Now after Driver Verifier Manager starts, click Display Existing Settings, and then make sure that Deadlock Detection is turned on.

Step3: Now Click Back and Click Create Custom Settings, and then click Next to find the full list

Step4: Now Click Select Individual settings from a full list, and then click Next to move further.

Step5: Select the settings that you want to turn on, but make sure the Deadlock Detection check box is not selected, and then click Next.

Step6: Now click the drivers that you want to verify, and then click Next or Finish if you choose all drivers on your computer and then restart the computer to check the error.

Hope these six steps will help you to fix Vipre antivirus Error 0x000000C4 on your computer and owing to any reason if your problem is not solved you can Vipre antivirus support phone number to get online help by experts to fix the error with right approach. To get useful tips and know how to solve or fix the antivirus related error codes you can subscribe our blog page to get instant notification of new blog posted here directly on your mail with one-click link.

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