How To Fix Norton Scan Error 3038 and 104?

After updating Norton antivirus you may receive an error 3038 and 104. The error code generally occurs when incomplete download and installation is done while upgrading or updating Norton antivirus. It may also occur when Norton files are malware infected or accidentally Norton internet security files may be deleted may cause the error.

Norton comes with different versions and packages and you may receive some error codes read here to Fix Norton Antivirus Sonar Protection Error 3039, 65546. But below given steps are for Norton security error 3038 and 104 and by following complete set of instructions you can fix Norton error 3038 104 by simple methods.

Norton scan error 3038 104

Steps To Fix Norton Error 3038 and 104:


Step1: Double click on Norton icon.

Step2: Open main window and select security tab and click on live update.

Step3: Now, wait till live update search for latest updates.

Step4: Press ok and wait till you receive a message Norton has latest updates installed.

Step5: Exit all the programs and reboot the computer.


Step1: Download and save Norton removal tool to desktop.

Step2: Press control and J at the same time it will open download windows in your web browser.

Step3: Find NRnR icon and double click to open it.

Step4: Read agreement license carefully and press agree to accept and install.

Step5: Now select remove only option in Norton removal tool and press continue to remove and finally press restart.

Step6: Download latest updated antivirus from official site and Install it this will resolve Norton error 3038 and 104.

Dial 1-844-313-8282 to Fix Norton Scan Error 3038 104 in Norton Antivirus

All two methods will help you to fix Norton error 3038 and 104 for your computer. All these methods have some steps and sufficient to fix the error code in Norton antivirus. If error code is not resolved after following steps you can call Norton internet security support number for round the clock support. Taking help from technical team on remote session will not only fix Norton error 3048 3 but also treat system errors you are facing while using Norton with best available solutions.

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