How to Fix Norton Internet Security Error During Scan?

While scheduling scan to your system if your Norton antivirus is not able to perform scan and an error message is shown you may be in trouble. In general due to some files or registry got corrupted or due to the deletion of some necessary files while uninstalling other program will provide you an error message.

If you are not able to know the cause of crashing program then you can read How to Fix A Norton Antivirus Error 3048 3 to solve crashing problem. But if you are not able to perform security scan you can execute the methods listed below in post step by step to solve the error with Norton Antivirus.

Norton Error During Scan

Steps to Fix Norton Full System Scan Error During Scan:


Step1: Open Norton antivirus by double clicking on Norton icon.

Step2: Open my Norton window located next to device security.

Step3: Now double click on security option and click on liveupdate.

Step4: Click ok and click live update till you get a message your Norton has latest definitions.


Step1: If you are not able to install live updates and getting the some error message shutdown the PC.

Step2: Restart the computer after 5 minutes and close all programs.

Step3: Open task manager and end task all the processes apart from windows processes running.

Step4: Repeat method1 after closing all tasks.


Step1: Click on the clock icon located at the bottom right of the window.

Step2: Check time zone and location of your computer and correct it.

Step3: Apply changes and exit the window.

Call Norton Support Number +1-844-313-8282 to Fix Norton Antivirus Scan Error

The best way to solve the scanning problem in the computer is to reinstall Norton antivirus after removal. You can use nrn tool provided by Norton to remove Norton and then reinstall the antivirus. To get in touch with Norton antivirus support number this time call +1-844-313-8282 for support to get instant help online.

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