How to Fix McAfee Not Updating Windows 10 Error?

Generally not updating McAfee in windows 10 occurs after recent updates in windows as it contain bugs and while updating these bugs creates an issue. To resolve such issue you need to configure McAfee antivirus according to the latest updates to fix the issues you are facing.

If you are not able to install McAfee on your computer just read how to repair McAfee installation cannot continue issue. And below are the steps used to fix McAfee windows 10 issues and if you are not able to fix, McAfee does not update windows 10 follow step by step procedure given below.

McAfee Not Updating Windows 10

Steps to Fix Windows 10 can’t Update McAfee:


Step1: Open command prompt and type regedit.exe and press enter.

Step2: Click Ok and hold control + Shift key while pressing ok it will lead you to error in registry.

Step3: Backup registry first by clicking on export button.

Step4: Enter the file name you wish to enter for backup of registry.

Step5: Now search for McAfee entries in registry and edit default value in update to 0 click on apply then save.

METHOD2: Uninstall McAfee

Step1: Open control panel by pressing windows + R and type control and hit enter.

Step2: Now right click on McAfee associated entry and select uninstall option.

Step3: Now restart the system.

METHOD3: Reinstall McAfee

Step1: Open web browser and type and press enter.

Step2: Select and download McAfee latest version of software.

Step3: Install downloaded McAfee and if you have a valid product key enter it and install product key.

Step4: After entering key you can log in to your McAfee account to validate key.

Call McAfee Support Number 1-844-313-8282 to Fix McAfee Not Updating Error

If on following all the steps given in blog above McAfee not updating on Windows 10 you can get in touch with expert. To get connected with McAfee professionals you can contact McAfee antivirus support number and to get online help to fix the Updating problem. Best team of certified tech professionals is working here to fix the McAfee computers problems with right approach.

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