How to Fix McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error?

When disk is not accessible to McAfee it is generally seen in some specific models or versions of antivirus to be very specific for showing the error. There are some major things with which the error code is appearing by putting in UEFI mode with decrypt and deactivate drive encryption as due to encrypted drive the data is not accessible by computer.

If McAfee in windows 10 is not getting updated then you may read How to Fix McAfee Not Updating Windows 10 Error to get best solutions to update McAfee. But you can treat McAfee drive encryption fatal error in windows 10 you need to execute below steps to fix the issue in windows. 

McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error

Steps to Fix Mcafee Drive Encryption Fatal Error Failed To Deserialize Type:


Step1: In search box type settings and now select update and security option.

Step2: Now press recover from the drop down and press restart from advanced tab.

Step3: Press troubleshoot option and go to advanced tab.

Step4: Press UEFI firmware settings and click on restart option.

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Step1: Press windows with R button to type regedit.exe and press enter.

Step2: Open all the associated registry open by one and check for values.

Step3: Now check for updates in registry for every single driver.

Step4: Restart the computer.


Step1: Open add or remove program from the control panel.

Step2: Now search for McAfee entry and select it now click on remove option located at the top menu bar.

Step3: Press remove completely option and follow on screen commands to uninstall McAfee.

Step4: Now open download section of McAfee and download latest version of McAfee.

Step5: Double click the downloaded file and start installing by following on screen commands.

Step6: Restart and check if the issue is resolved.

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McAfee antivirus support phone number is a third party support help you to solve McAfee drive encryption fatal error loading system policy by providing help from certified technical experts. The team is working here round the clock to solve various error codes faced in McAfee by providing right solution to the problem.

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