How to Fix Avira Update Error Code 537?

To protect your system from various attacks of malware, spyware, worms and viruses the definitions must be updated regularly. Avira antivirus is good in detecting attacks harmful elements in the system but if you are connected to internet update you antivirus regularly as it will prevent you from updated risks from others.

If you are not able to install Avira Antivirus or facing an error with setup of antivirus you need to know How to Fix Avira Antivirus Error Code 407. But if you are facing problem while updating Avira antivirus you can follow the steps explained below and execute the methods to solve the update problem in Avira Antivirus.

Steps to Fix Avira Update Error 537 Problem:



Step1: Right click on the icon at the menu bar and open Avira control center.

Step2: Select extra option and open configuration.

Step3: Click on PC protection followed by a web server and open proxy settings.

Step4: Now select no proxy server if you are not using any proxy settings.

Step5: Press ok button and exit to check the error.


Step1: Repeat step1 and setp2 of method1.

Step2: Now click on “+” sign next to update and press web server button.

Step3: If using automatic settings for internet choose to use existing connection settings if not select 2nd option.

Step4: Press ok to apply settings.


Step1: Open control panel and click on internet options.

Step2: Open connections tab and click on LAN settings located in Local Area Network settings.

Step3: Check the proxy server is active for your LAN note down the proxy address and port number.

Step4: Press ok button and update the proxy address and port number in antivirus control panel.

Call Avira Support Number +1-844-313-8282 to Solve Avira Update Error Codes

To get online assistance to fix update error 537 in Avira Antivirus you can contact Avira antivirus support number by dialing toll-free number +1-844-313-8282. To get in touch with certified professionals round the clock to get instant help online to solve Avira update error 537 and enjoy safe computing with Avira protection on your system.

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