What Is Massive Ransomware Attack And How To Overcome It?

First of all let us know completely what Ransomware attacks are? Ransomware is a sophisticated piece of malware that blocks the victim’s access to his or her data and other files. Actually, Ransomware is a type of malicious software that takes over the user’s system and locks the user entry by prevents them from accessing their files and other important data until a huge sum of money is paid to them. This particular program, called with the name “WannaCry” asks for an amount of about $300, although the price can increase over the period of time.

What “WannaCry” program does is it took the advantage of a Windows flaw discovered by the NSA and it was made public by hackers in April. Those computer systems and networks that didn’t update their systems are always at huge risk.

Although a security researchers have created a “kill switch” so as to stop the spread of the Ransomeware malware. But the users remain at risk as the hackers are capable of rewriting the code and omitting the Kill switch. This can infect your system and can infect the machine of new version.

Massive Ransomware Attack

Impact of WannaCry” program and how to overcome them?

  • “WannaCry” worm impacts primarily businesses and is capable of taking down the entire company so always keep your important data secured at another location or in an external storage device.
  • All those individual Windows users must remain under pressure and should take few precautions. What you can do is after installing any software update it immediately, and make a schedule to update each and every installed software regularly. You can also turn on the auto update to keep you Windows risk free.
  • Make a backup of your of all your important files and folders. You can keep a backup of your important files, folders, photos and other documents in an external storage device so as to prevent the loss.
  • Be alert before clicking any suspicious link that you actually don’t recognize as that could be a Ransomware and can impact your system drastically.

Thus these were some of the very crucial steps one can follow to protect their system from “Ransomware.” So you need to remain highly alert with the security of your system as this Ransomware has impacted many large services and organizations till the date.

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