How to Protect Your PC from Petya Ransomware Attack: And Everything You Want to About this Ransomware

how to protect yourself against RansomwareAfter Wannacry outbreak across the globe last month new variant of ransomware named “Petya” attacked Ukraine and US computers demanding money in $300 worth of Bitcoin and still not able to unlock the computers making situation more critical.

It has attacked many Government agencies in Europe and US across the states stopping users to not do anything on their computer. It is similar to WannacCry ransomware that crippled over 300,000 computers worldwide last month. Till now it is unclear who was behind this attack.

What is Ransomware?

It is a kind of malicious program similar to a computer virus, especially developed to scan the hard disk and encrypt most of the important files that it can access but not allows you to open. And to get rid of such ransomware you have to pay the ransom.

Decrypting such criminal backed files you need a manual intervention by human, but don’t expect this from criminals who assure you to do it for you when you pay. In such cases not paying any ransom money would be the best option to avoid any further damages.

What is Petya Ransomware?

As per the antivirus experts and Kaspersky Lab, (A leading internet security software developer company) - Petya is different from malware and has been reformed for the current attack. Other researchers from the firm added it has been designed especially to have plausibly deniable cover of ransomware and is noticeable first time in online history”.

Till now, as per the research reports Petya ransomware is still an emerging threat for PC users and full picture is unclear. An early analysis could be wrong and removing such threats would be not successful. Hence, more consequences are still awaited to find the right solutions.

Petya ransomware support

How Petya Ransomware Spread?

Ransomware works by locking your computer and encrypt sensitive files which you cannot access and for decrypting files encrypted by Petya also demands Bitcoin. And as per the security agencies, Petya uses the same software exploit in the Microsoft products used in WannCry ransomware making it easier to spread into other connected windows computers.

How to Avoid the Petya Ransomware?

Till now Petya has been also considered one of the most dangerous ransomware you need to be cautious while using your computer. To protect your PC from Petya means you need to keep your system and apps updated from time-to-time.

Moreover, investing on Antivirus or Anti-ransomware software becomes also vital to avoid such threats on your computer. Don’t go with free antivirus software buy a genuine copy providing complete security to your computer. Kaspersky internet security is currently stopping such ransomware and protecting computers from online threats using such sources.

How to Protect your PC from Petya Ransomware?

Apart from this, there are many things if you can follow and protect your computer by following the steps discussed below. These useful steps are guided by Kaspersky internet security support technicians to make sure you avoid this ransomware on windows PCs.

How to Protect your PC from Petya Ransomware

Backup your PC from time-to-time

This should be a habit among every computer users to overcome such situations easily. When you backup your computer, and ransomware attacks you can restore last data anytime from the external driver which is safer and free from such threats. Hence, make a routine and keep a copy of backup at regular intervals and stay free from such exposed vulnerabilities.

Update or Upgrade the Operating System

Currently Petya is targeting only older version of windows systems called EternalBlue. And to one of the best way to protect your PC is update or upgrade the operating system that has better security layers and when you update additional patches comes with the new updates. Downloading such updates helps to keep PC from latest cyber-attacks. You can also enable windows for automatically downloading the updates on your computer.

Never Click on any Suspicious URL, Pop-ups, Ads or Phishing Mails

Attackers can choose wide number of ways to send ransomware, phishing emails are one of the major source of such malicious files. Actually, phishing mails are developed and designed to oblige you with legal warnings and once you open the attachment it can automatically install into your computer infecting the system with ransomware program.

To avoid such unexpected installation, never open such suspicious files including Pop-ups or Ads instead delete them immediately or mark as a spam to not come again into your inbox. To scan such spam mails use antivirus software that will do this job automatically.

Protect your PC with Antivirus Software

“Prevention is better than cure” – such idioms becomes practically true when your computer is highly exposed to many susceptible things like virus attack, malware or ransomware outbreak. Scanning your PC later on for removing malicious files, it’s better to safeguard with effective antivirus software and configure the settings for real-time protection.

Kaspersky Total Security 2017 will provide you a complete round-the-clock protection with extra level of security from various types of cyber threats. Antivirus software includes anti-virus program, firewall security and other protective software. It will alert you if any malware or ransomware is trying to encrypt files in your computer and what Kaspersky Antivirus is doing to stop these culprits that are trying to penetrate the security patches.

Suppose unluckily if your computer is infused with ransomware, don’t worry just shut down your computer and disconnect it from internet or any other device on network. And the most important thing is never pay Ransomware amount that will encourage criminals and sometimes even they can also not decrypt the files locked into computer resulting losing of money.

If you are using Kaspersky Antivirus or Kaspersky Internet Security you can get complete protection, and if your system is attacked with Ransomware program, then call at Kaspersky technical support number and get online assistance offered by Antivirus Technical Support Number to help its users overcome such issues with right solution.   

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